Lorenza Perone from Monkey Lab in Rome, Italy

#65 How to explore your own pole dance style with Lorenza Perrone from Monkey Lab (Rome, Italy)

Lorenza is passionate about movement. Pole Dance became her profession and as a co-owner of Monkey Lab in Rome, Italy she fulfills her dream on a daily basis. Teaching all sorts of (pole) dance classes is what she loves most. 

One of the most common struggels that many pole dancers have is finding their OWN pole flow. Of course it is great to learn tricks and choreos from other but in order to stand out you need to have your own style. This is a “task” that for most of us is much harder than learning a new trick (even when it’s a tough one). Lorenza shares some amazing insights how you can actually develop your own style and see pole dance in a fresh, new perspective.


In today’s episode (#65) you’ll learn about: 

  • Why finding you own style can be a struggle
  • What to do when you feel blocked during your freestyles
  • How you can benefit from other sports



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